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How we help premeds start getting straight As, Score 510+ on the MCAT, & get into medical school

What our program can do for you

Ace Your Premed Classes

Crash courses available for all premed pre-requisite classes

Use A Proven MCAT System

Our program was not just randomly put together. We use the same study strategies top medical students use to study for their board exams that is backed my learning science to help you crush the MCAT.

Differentiate Yourself

Get expert advising on differentiate yourself through the application process and in your personal statement

Get Into Medical School

Our ultimate advising program helps students every step of the way until they get into medical school

Become our next success story

Sabrina, Current Med Student

"The Premed Consultants changed my life and now I am crushing it in school"

Sabrina, Current Med Student

"The Premed Consultants changed my life and now I am crushing it in school"

Sabrina, Current Med Student

"The Premed Consultants changed my life and now I am crushing it in school"

Who are The Premed Consultants?

For 5 years we’ve helped premeds all around the world get into med school


Through years working in the premed prep industry, going through the process ourselves, and learning from our students, The Premed Consultants’ provides unique all-inclusive advising services unique based on active learning techniques, a questioned based approach, and ______. Our ultimate advising program covers every challenge a premed can offer setting us apart from any other prep company. Program services include tutoring, coaching, schedule setup, MCAT prep, internships, admissions & interview advising, and more.

With The Premed Consultants our mission is to ensure you become the best student possible, achieve your dream of getting into med school, and that you won’t need any other service for your journey to achieving that goal.


When you join The Premed Consultants you get immediate access to:

1. The Premed Consultants Core Curriculum

Countless hours of premed training covering everything from how to learn and deploy active study techniques, extracurriculars to explore, to high yield premed core subject review material

2. Full MCAT Course & Study Schedule

A full MCAT course based on active study techniques and a question based approach. The course provides daily instructions for content review, practice questions / tests, ANKI cards, live review sessions, and everything you need to get the best MCAT score possible.

3. Free Copy of Our MCAT Powerbook

This MCAT Powerbook is a high-yield source for all the content you need to know for the MCAT. Straight-to-the-point MCAT facts and beautiful illustrations to make studying simple and more fun. The era of reading multiple textbooks is over with this all in one textbook that perfectly compliments the included course.

4. Private & Group Coaching

To ensure you are receiving all the guidance you need for the program includes 5 hours of premium 1 on 1 tutoring, weekly group coaching calls, open office hours, AND unlimited 1 on 1 advising sessions (by coaches availability). Sessions cover everything needed to be a successful premed e.g., setting up your schedule, choosing extracurriculars, class and MCAT content help, etc.

5. TPC Student Progress Dashboard

The TPC student progress dashboard is a central hub to ensure you are staying on pace with premed requirements, catalog extracurriculars and internships while they’re fresh, track your GPAs, and most importantly track your MCAT progress by each section. This will be critical to setting and keeping up with your goals over your journey as a premed.

6. Med School Application, Essay Editing & Interview Prep

In order to optimize your chances of getting into med school, our program prepares you for all of the intricacies of the med school application process. Topics include process overview and timelines, choosing what schools to apply to, MD vs. DO programs, how to write personal statements and secondaries, essay editing by our coaches, mock interviews, and more!

Stop Feeling Lost As a Premed

There are very specific actions you can take to not only start getting better grades and start optimizing your medical school application, but to do so with much less stress. 

Within 7 days you will learn the study techniques such as active recall and spaced repetition to allow you to get straight As in your classes. 

If you are not doing well its not fully your fault. Most students are never taught how to properly study for their classes and the MCAT. 


Help No Matter Where You Are in Your Journey

It doesn’t matter where you currently are in the premed process we are here to take you to the next level and will be there every step of the way until your medical school acceptance. 

Our program has helped over 300 premeds make MASSIVE improvements making them competitive for medical school applications and is the only program to include LITERALLY everything you need to successfully gain acceptance. 

More importantly, we truly are a family at TPC. We are a group of hard working, positive students and coaches from across the country there to support each other. 

We don’t believe in a “Cut throat” premed environment. We all succeed together. 

Hear From Our Amazing Students!

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