#The Premed Consultants Advising Program

Course Instructor

Adam @ TPC Adam @ TPC Author

Welcome To The Ultimate Advising Program!

Module 1: The Mindset To Crush Premed

Module 2: Best PROVEN Study Techniques To ACE Premed

Module 3: Advanced Anki Skills

Module 4: The Ultimate MCAT Course

Module 5: MCAT CARS: Beating The Premed Nemesis

Module 6: High Yield MCAT Content

Module 7: Live MCAT / Uworld Review Session Recordings

Module 8:MCAT Powerbook Review Sessions

Module 9: AAMC Review Sessions

Module 10: Extracurriculars Done Right

Module 11: Letters of Recommendation/Transcripts

Module 12: Personal Statement

Module 13: How To Write The Activities Section

Module 14: How To Efficiently Complete the AMCAS Application

Module 15: Getting Ready To Submit The Application

Module 16: Secondaries

Module 17: Acing The Medical School Interview

Module 18: Haven’t heard back/waitlisted/rejected

Module 19: Accepted! Now what?

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