16 Week Ultimate TPC MCAT Course

Course Information

This 16 week MCAT program will give you a day by day schedule to follow to maximize your studying. The first 2 weeks will get you up to speed with best study and test-taking strategies. After that the majority of your days will consist of UWORLD, ANKI, and content lectures. As we get closer to your test date you will start doing more AAMC content and do weekly practice exams.

Course Instructor

Adam @ TPC Adam @ TPC Author

Week 1: Learn How To Effectively Study For The MCAT

Week 2: The Ultimate CARS Strategy/Amino Acids/Formulas

Week 3: Intro To Psych/Soc Content

Week 4: High Yield Biochem

Week 5: Intro To Chemical Processes

Week 6: First Practice Test & Review

Week 7 – Physics & Organ Systems

Week 8: High Yield Psych/Soc 

Week 9: 2nd Practice Test & Review

Week 10: Physics 2 Review

Week 11: 3rd Practice Test & Review

Week 12: High Yield Misc. Content

Week 13: 4th Practice Test & Review

Week 14: 5th Practice Test & Review

Week 15: 6th Practice Test & Review

Week 16: It’s Test Week!!

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