Success Story: Charmaine

Medical School Re-applicant Gains Multiple Acceptances After Joining TPC

Where Charmaine Started

Charmaine is an amazing non-traditional student who unfortunately was not accepted to medical school during her first application cycle.  

Where Charmaine is Now (Results)

After working with The Premed Consultants Charmaine retook the MCAT worked on truly telling her story in the personal statement and received multiple acceptances to medical school!

The Process

By truly engaging in our community, Charmaine was able to get the support she needed to Crush the Medical School applications. She not only increased her MCAT score using our spaced repetition and active recall methods, but she wrote an awesome personal statement, and was well prepared for her interviews. Charmaine was an active member of our community, frequently came to our group coaching sessions, and worked one on one with a coach to refine her personal statement. After, lots of hard work we could not be more proud that Charmaine has now received multiple acceptances to medical school! Her story proves that no matter where you start, especially for those non-traditional students, you can make improvements and get that medical school acceptance. 

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