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Adam Nessim

About Adam Nessim

“Founded from the philosophy that preparation is the key to acceptance and that any student dedicated enough to achieving their dream will make it a reality.”

Adam Nessim is an MD Candidate in NYC. He graduated from Cornell University earning a Bachelors of Science with High Distinction where he majored in Human Biology, Health, and Society, and minored in health policy. During undergrad, Adam served as the Vice President of Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-med organization in which he mentored numerous pre-meds, and developed initiatives to make the organization a better resource for pre-meds looking to learn about a career in healthcare. He also worked as a highly rated MCAT instructor for 2 years before founding The Premed Consultants. Adam graduated with a 4.0 GPA and scored over the 90th percentile on the MCAT.  He understands the commitment it takes to pursue a career in medicine and is passionate about helping students navigate the complexities of applying to medical school so they too can achieve their dream.

Adam hopes to pass on the knowledge he has acquired to the many aspiring pre-health students by producing free content, in the form of blogging, instagram, and youtube. The admissions component of The Premed Consultants, Inc is a way for students who want an in-depth step by step advising process to guide them throughout their pre-med career and/or med school application process. 

Learn How Adam & The Premed Consultants help students get into medical school regardless of MCAT and GPA scores in this free training!!

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