Helping Premed Students Get Into Medical School Regardless of Where They Are At In The Process


We have anything from free resources to our highest level premed coaching program designed to help students as early as freshman or Sophmore year until they get into medical school or for students who want intensive MCAT Prep and Full application services. If you want to apply to be a TPC ultimate advising student please click the button to schedule a strategy session with one of our coaches to see if you qualify. 

The MCAT Powerbook

$ 105
  • 500+ Pages of High Yield Info
  • CompanionTPC Anki Deck
  • Free MCAT Kickstarter Course

The 16 Week MCAT Program

$ 3000
  • 36 Live Classes
  • 4,000+ Questions
  • 200+ Content Videos
  • All AAMC Full Lengths
  • Test Taking strategy
  • No Course repeats
  • No Admissions Advising

Ultimate Advising Program

  • Complete 16 Week MCAT Program - early access & repeats allowed
  • Unlimited Personal Statement Reviews
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Core Premed Class Crash Courses & Tutoring
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Research, Internship, Extracurricular Guidance

Ace Your Premed Classes

Crash courses available for all premed pre-requisite classes

Use A Proven MCAT System

Our program was not just randomly put together. We use the same study strategies top medical students use to study for their board exams that is backed my learning science to help you crush the MCAT.

Differentiate Yourself

Get expert advising on differentiate yourself through the application process and in your personal statement

Get Into Medical School

Our ultimate advising program helps students every step of the way until they get into medical school

Frequently asked questions

If you are only looking for MCAT prep without private tutoring than we recommend you join 3-6 months out from your MCAT. Most students underestimate the amount of time required to properly study for the MCAT. If you want to get ahead and have more than 6 months access we reccomend you schedule a strategy session to see if our ultimate advising program would be a good fit. In this program you can take our MCAT course more than 6 months out and repeat it if necessary. Your access does not expire. You also will get private 1 on 1 tutoring and help throughout the entire admissions process. It’s never too early to join the ultimate advising program as you can start as a freshman and get help every step of the way until you get into medical school. 

While our students get accepted at a much higher rate than the national average (~40%), we do not make any guarantees. Any program that does I would be skeptical about as there are a vast amount of variables that go into the medical schools admissions process.

The more students you have as a program the harder it is to get 100% of results for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world and highly individualized 1-1 mentoring, some individuals still won’t put the work in.

With that said, any student who completes all the assignments see’s significant results. I encourage you to check out our numerous testimonials as proof.

Here’s a list of some of what we do:

  • Help with learning how to properly study so you can start earning As in your classes
  • Help finding shadowing and clinical experience
  • Help getting research experience
  • Help reshaping your mindset so that you have less stress and fears as a premed
  • Help learning how to best prepare for the MCAT
  • Help navigating the UWORLD MCAT Qbank included in the program
  • Help with the Medial School Application cycle
  • Help writing the personal statement
  • Help writing secondary essays
  • Help preparing for the medical school interview
  • 3 Weekly office hours
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching

If you are an ultimate advising program student we know you are getting the best possible coaching that exists. Therefore, we have an acceptance guarantee. As long as you are doing the work assigned to you, if you do not get accepted to medical school we will continue to work with you for FREE through an additional cycle until you get in.


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